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Common photo booths are big, bulky and can spoil the aesthetic of a special occasion. You don’t have to worry about this with Deluxe Open Booths. We design and build our beautiful and stylish deluxe photo booths from the ground up. As it’s freestanding, our photo booths take up minimal space but provide maximum entertainment.

With our unique open-style photo booths we have become one of the leading deluxe photo booth suppliers. If you’re looking to buy a photo booth, then our freestanding heart-shaped photo booths are perfect for you.

Photo Booths For Event Planners and Managers

Ensure you can offer an open photo booth for every event you manage and host. If you buy a photo booth from Deluxe Open Booths, you will have a unique stylish added extra to offer your guests which can drive your revenue.

Photo Booth Supplier For Event Entertainers

If you already provide a range of services for events, then offering a photo booth to your clients can be an excellent way to increase your earnings. We have made the set up of our photo booth as simple as possible, taking less than 10 minutes to set up. It makes a great added extra to any event offering and reduces the number of suppliers that your clients have to source.

Photo Booth Manufacturer For Photo Booth Hire Companies

You can set up your own photo booth hire business, just like us with one of our beautiful Deluxe Open Booths. We are a photo booth manufacturer based in the UK. We create every booth by hand to ensure it has a rustic, authentic appeal and is, of course, made to the highest quality.


The Deluxe Heart Shaped Booth is a beautifully elegant and lightweight booth.  The Heart Shaped shell contains an LED strip for constant light as well as a studio flash that fires through the 3 hearts allowing you to optimise your DSLR settings for the best possible blur-free sharp results. With a built-in 15.6 touchscreen monitor allowing easy operation of the booth.

The design allows you to attach any laptop or pc (requires 3 USB and 1 HDMI), we recommend you place in the crates along with the printer completing the rustic look and hiding any technology from the guests. Its rustic vintage/classic look, is especially suited to weddings and special occasions such as birthdays or engagement parties.

The Heart photo booth is an excellent photo booth to offer your customers and it is extremely easy for your staff to set up and operate. The Heart design allows for the cables to be cleverly hidden by the flowers that wrap around the stem. To complement the rustic look we also place our printers in the upper apple crate with the power bars and laptop cleverly hidden in the lower crate. The unique design makes the whole setup look cable less and an excellent centrepiece for any special occasion especially weddings.

Buy a booth from £1600

If you would like to buy a photo booth prices start from £1600 for the shell plus postage (we ship internationally)
Email for a full price list. Our invoice system allows us to take bank transfer or credit card payments.
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